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5 Principal Activities

Busways maintains high competency in all electrical power engineering works, covering MV Switchgear, LV/MV Bus Ducts to Electric Vehicle Charging System. By taking a systematic and the strictest quality control approach to these engineering solutions, you can rest assured that we will always meet the specific requirements and timeline of your projects. To add, with our competent in-house capabilities to help you tackle many of your projects’ challenges, you can definitely achieve higher productivity and cost savings with us.

Supply & Installation Of Electrical LV/MV Busduct, Power & Cabling Infrastructures

We are responsible for the procurement of all LV/MV bus ducts, equipment and cabling infrastructure as prescribed by your project requirements. Installation is done by our qualified personnel and testing is done by our professional engineers.

Design, Customisation, Fabrication & Installation Of Cable Containment System

Apart from bus ducts, we also have the capabilities to design, customise, fabricate and install your cable containment needs. Through our designs and customisation, we aim to match the original facade or enhance the aesthetics surrounding the infrastructure. We place great and equal emphasis on both practicality and presentation in all our designs.

Design, Customisation, Fabrication & Installation Of Metal Works


Every bus duct requires a watertight and durable housing. It is imperative for Busways to provide customised canopies which are able to fit bus ducts of any dimensions. We provide solutions in the form of design, fabrication and installation specifically catered to your bus duct needs.

Design & Installation of Electric Vehicle Charging System​

EV is the future of vehicular transportation. In the interest of sustainability and doing better for the planet, we are leveraging our long experience of equipping electrical vehicles with optimal features and engineering capabilities with B’EV, a subsidiary business segment of Busways and an electrical vehicle charger (EVC) services provider. B’EV offers a range of full-fledged services, encompassing on-site consultation, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance. With this latest option, Busways ensures that your vehicle will always have a place to repower in the new era.

Supply & Installation Of High Voltage Switchgear


A high voltage switchgear provides power while safeguarding your equipment from damage. Designed to fit your electrical needs, whether it is power transmission or distribution, our HV switchgears meet industry standards and undergo rigorous testing to ensure top performance.